Photo credit: FO3 Lou Xavier Lauraya

Quezon City – BFP NCR has been aggressive in improving its online services, esp during this pandemic. From the Google application for fire safety education to online customer satisfaction survey, updating of pensioner records and submission of reports and compliances, BFP NCR takes another step ahead with the first e-FSIC System today.

Electronic, fast, safe, innovative, and convenient, this is what e-FSIC system stands and aims for. By typing “” in the browser and making a few taps on the computer, business owners or their representatives can already download their FSICs and print them in the comfort of their homes or workplaces. This innovation practically eradicates the hassles of lines, traffic, tight schedules, and health risks through contactless transaction. It complements the region’s Mobile Business One-Stop Shop that processes applications for FSICs, as prerequisite for permits and licenses, through mobile kiosks set up in strategic locations near clusters of business establishments. With the e-FSIC system, business owners no longer have to return to the kiosks or fire station to claim their FSICs.

Even in times of pandemic, BFP NCR manages to find and create ways to bring reliable and quality services to the hands of the Filipino people, helping the economy to rebound and the country recover.

The e-FSIC system is officially launched on November 3, 2020, via Zoom, at BFP NCR Regional Headquarters in Cubao, Quezon City. SSupt. Gary R. Alto, Deputy Regional Director for Operations (DRDO), welcomed all the District/City Fire Directors, Fire Marshal, and Chief FSEBs. As the Chief, Regional Fire Safety Enforcement Division (RFSED), Supt Bernard T. Rosete gave the project brief. In closing, BFP NCR Director, CSupt Gilbert D Dolot, thanked all the people who helped transform this vision into reality.




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